Here are some questions we get frequently from our clients:

Water Conservation

Clean water is one of life’s most precious resources. Water conservation has made the investment for what is known as “The Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System”, a common practice for most residential communities. In most cases, these systems are mandatory for businesses and municipalities.

Underground sprinkler systems are synonymous with lush beautiful gardens and landscapes. What used to seem like an Oasis in the midst of summertime drought has now become quite common in our every day surroundings. Have you ever wondered why we humans painstakingly toil to create a garden-like environment in which we can inhabit either at home or the workplace? It is this very desire for beautiful surroundings, which created the awareness for the need of good stewardship concerning the use of clean water for sustaining our beautiful landscapes.


An automatic underground sprinkler system which has been properly designed, installed and receives professional annual maintenance will efficiently deliver the necessary amount of water to help create a beautiful environment year after year.


Webster defines efficiancy as “the ability to product a desired effect, product, etc. with a minimum of effort, expense or waste.”

What are the benefits of an underground irrigation system?

  • A beautiful, healthy and vigourous landscape with minimal effort: While you sleep, are at work or at play, with minimal expense or waste.
  • A properly installed system delivers a precise measurement of water ar a predetermined time, therefore reducing wasted water and replacement of unhealthy plants.

Why should I have a Wireless Rain Sensor installed to my system?

A wireless rain sensor eliminates waste/overwatering of your lawn by measuring specific rainfall. Typically, landscape settings require 1″ of water per week. A rain sensor can ensure you don’t over water your turf.

What brands does your company use?

We use a variety of brand name products and materials that include Hunter, Rainbird, Netafirm and Irrotrol.